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The first ever fully customizable NFT on Polygon

Core Concept of Paulygon

Paulygon is an experiment in community-building through interactive artwork, built on the Polygon protocol. Builders work constantly behind the scenes to create special DeFi and NFT platforms; Paulygon wanted to find a way to unify them, while allowing users to flex their loyalty.

Each Pauly NFT starts with a base NFT. Some accessories are available to anyone, but many more are only unlockable through on-chain quests. E.g. Hold a BrozoNFT and unlock the accompanying Brozo skin for your Pauly, or use DefiLlama to get a Llama skin!

Not only do you get to customize your own PFP, but you can create combinations across sets, creating a unique Pauly. Best of all, there's NO WHITELIST - Pauly has unlimited mints over the Season One period, giving you time to complete missions, mint PFPs, and flex.

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