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One-stop omnichain yield platform

Core Concept of Avault

Avault is a disruptive way to interact with an array of web3 Defi dApps. As the first one-stop omnichain yield platform on the market, Avault’s users can use any asset on any chain supported by Avault to do Omni staking, Omni copy-trading, etc on one click, so they can forget about the unwieldy cross chain experience and focus on speed, usability and what truly matters in their trade.


  • Simplify steps for cross-chain and interacting with different chain's dapp

  • No need to switch network

  • All steps completed on one page

  • No need to prepare target chain's gas fee

  • Unlock the value of staked funds in the liquidity pools by provided interest-bearing asset token to users

Users can use different chain's dapp and manage their assets in Avault in one click without switch the network and different gas fee required!

The specific process is as follows:

  • Choose which chain, which dapp, and which asset they want to use on Avault, and then authorize the contract we deploy on the source chain. Avault contract will directly call LI.FI and LayerZero's contract on the source chain to transfer assets and messages to the target chain
  • To make the whole process more decentralized and the user's assets more secure, Avault first helps the user create a Safe smart contract wallet and put the assets in the wallet, so as to ensure that the ownership of the assets is in the hands of the user
  • Then trigger the smart contract wallet of the user on the target chain to trigger the Avault contract on the target chain through user's sign before, thus finish putting the assets into the corresponding dapp for compounding or staking, etc.

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