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A protocol for MEV protected cross-chain swaps

Core Concept of zkDX

zkDX is a decentralized derivatives protocol of liquidity mode built on L2 networks, which supports the trading of crypto perpetual futures, foreign currency, stocks, and various innovative financial derivatives. With a range of cutting-edge and innovative features, zkDX offers superior security, exceptional liquidity, low transaction fees, and a wide selection of leveraged trading products

In the meantime, zkDX integrates LayerZero technology to build an Omnichain Aggregator of derivative trading, to concentrate the liquidity from different L2 networks to form predominant liquidity, and provides seamless trading experience for users regardless of which network their assets are on

Core Features And Advantages:

  • Mitigates the risk of liquidity pools due to different trading assets

  • Provides users with various risk preferences

  • Mitigate the risks for traders and liquidity providers, enhance the safety of their funds, ensure the sustainability of trading activities, and protect them during extreme market conditions

  • Empowers users with seamless trading capabilities on various L2/L1 networks

  • Accumulates liquidity from various L2/L1 networks to build a deepest liquidity pool. This leads to optimal trading depth and captures the value across the entire network

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