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Marketplace for audio NFTs

Core Concept of TrackStack

Track Stack is an emergent Web3 company poised to drive the mass adoption of blockchain technology by giving users an accessible and holistic platform to create and listen to music.

Nowadays streaming platforms have made collecting, streaming, and curating playlists extremely easy. Team think that they could be doing more for artists, who often feel under-compensated for their work.

Track Stack's goal is to shake the music industry up by building an all-inclusive Web3 platform where music lovers and artists can earn from the music they collect and create.

TrackStack mission is to solve the discovery of music NFTs and build a strong community of artists and fans. They want to provide every service that artists might need while creating their music, from Al-assisted music creation to simplified distribution and revenue management via their NFT model. This gives artists and record labels the peace of mind to focus on creating the music they love.

TrackStack's objective is to provide the following to users:

  • A marketplace to list and trade their NFTs
  • A platform to make discovery of music NFTs according genre easy for collectors.
  • A comprehensive launchpad to launch new NFTs and music snippets.
  • Access to a community of fans who like the same music as they do.
  • Assurance in the safety and protection of their assets due to use of blockchain technology.

The first all inclusive music NFT platform that grants artists full autonomy over their craft and allows users a share in profits generated by the platform. TrackStack's platform ensures both artists and users enjoy creating and listening to music with convenience. Team aim to:

  • Provide a secondary music marketplace, to make discovering and obtaining your Audio NFTs easier and more efficient.
  • a launchpad for Artists to release their projects at a cost efficient rate.
  • Offer users a seamless interaction while on the blockchain, making engagement smooth and effortless.

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