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Project TXA

Cross-chain, P2P settlement of self-custodied digital assets

Core Concept of Project TXA

TXA is an open source project that provides decentralized settlement services to exchanges that wish build on top of its settlement layer. TXA's Decentralized Settlement Layer serves as the foundation for a new kind of crypto exchange: hDEX, which stands for Hybrid-Decentralized Exchange. TXA's Decentralized Settlement Layer brings to fruition the architecture of a centralized orderbook with decentralized settlement. This means that traders will have access to CEX-like speeds while having a DEX-like trading experience in terms of privacy and security

In the Project TXA hybrid-DEX (hDEX), trades are broadcast to a network of open-source, community operated Settlement Data Providers (SDPs), these track net obligations between traders and participate in a special consensus process to settle trades

Key Features

  • Users can deposit crypto into smart contracts they control, instead of the centralized exchanges

  • Collateralization of funds in smart contracts can be done on any blockchain, and locked assets used to trade on any supported exchange

  • All matched trades are transparent and broadcast to a decentralized network, allowing third-party providers to track the net obligations between counter-parties

  • When users want to withdraw, they can call for settlement on-chain, third-party providers reach consensus on the obligations between traders, and write the results on-chain

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