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Multichain on BNB Chain, ETH & Aptos

Core Concept of Pancake Swap

The mission of PancakeSwap is and has always been to be a one-stop shop for all things DeFi. An important part of this mission is making DeFi approachable to users from all backgrounds!

Working closely with the Stargate Finance team, PancakeSwap Bridge is a native asset cross-chain bridge.

With this integration users can bridge in native assets from other chains, to BNB Chain, in a single transaction (no more missing Metamask pop-ups!).

What is Aptos PancakeBridge?

The PancakeBridge utilizes the Omnichain Fungible Token (OFT) standard to seamlessly integrate CAKE into different chains. Powered by LayerZero’s OFT standard, CAKE is now a natively multichain token across BNB Smart Chain and Aptos. Aptos PancakeBridge can enable users to bridge their CAKE between these two blockchains with a 1:1 ratio, Empowering users to explore a diverse and exciting new ecosystem.

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