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A protocol for MEV protected cross-chain swaps

Core Concept of Beethoven

Beethoven X is a next generation decentralized investment platform built for the future of finance

Beethoven X is more than just a Decentralized Exchange. Versatile and adaptable, our product is future oriented and primed to meet the needs of an evolving industry

Balancer technology is an evolving and interconnected baselayer that allows builders to build long-standing infrastructure for the permissionless economy:

  • With the technology complied into a decentralised exchange, Balancer provides the most flexible experience in DeFi. While other DEXs host pools with constrained parameters, Balancer V2 accommodates Liquidity Pools of any composition and underlying math, allowing anyone to develop customisable and interconnected pool types

    Key Benefits

  • Unlimited flexibility
  • One stop shop
  • Built for the future
  • Secure
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