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Fully composable liquidity transport protocol

Core Concept of SteakHut

SteakHut is an active liquidity management and decentralized market-making platform that allows users effortless access to and management of tailored liquidity strategies across all key concentrated liquidity AMMs (CLMMs)

Potential of SteakHut:

With SteakHut, users gain access to a powerful suite of features that redefine their experience of providing liquidity on-chain

  • Automate and Optimize Concentrated Liquidity Positions: SteakHut offers the tools to seamlessly automate and optimize your concentrated liquidity positions, helping increase capital efficiency and swap rewards

  • Cross-compatible Liquidity Provisioning: Access liquidity provisioning across multiple CLMMs and blockchains, aggregated into one specialized platform

  • Permissionless Liquidity Strategy Creation and Management: SteakHut empowers users of all levels to create and manage liquidity strategies. Anyone can deploy a custom liquidity vault directly from the dApp

  • Composable vault infrastructure: Create sophisticated liquidity strategies with up to 20 liquidity ranges per vault, cross-fee-tier strategies, and full inventory management.:

  • Earn Rewards with Liquidity Farming: Maximize your returns by farming concentrated liquidity positions to earn rewards.

  • Performance Fee Earnings: Vault managers can opt to charge a performance fee on their own strategy to earn rewards

  • Stake $STEAK for Enhanced Rewards: Stake your $STEAK into our token applications to earn a share of protocol profits, or to boost your farming rewards

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