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Cross-chain Yield Aggregator & Asset Management for DAOs

Core Concept of Unison

Unison is the next generation decentralized asset management protocol built using LayerZero. A truly cross chain, trustless and permissionless protocol, Unison aims to provide the best and most efficient yield on your assets across all the supported ecosystems. 

On the core level, Unison solves some of the major problems faced by current yield aggregators -  Capital Inefficiency : The existing yield products, including multi-chain protocols, have the strategies isolated to a single network leading into inefficiencies in generating yield. Scalability : With increasing TVL, a multi-chain or single chain protocol becomes hard to scale as it limits their options to deploy funds.

Unison use cases us

Public – The main product of Unison offers a range of risk-adjusted vaults and corresponding strategies that are available on all the chains supported by LayerZero. Platform enables users to make cross-chain deposits to a central vault on Arbitrum, which then allocates the assets to the most efficient investment strategies across supported networks.

DAOs – Unison is developing a comprehensive treasury management platform based on its core architecture. On this platform, decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) and fund managers can easily create self-custodial vaults and integrate a variety of investment strategies, including those already available on Unison or those developed in-house.

Lending & Borrowing – Unison is developing a money market protocol that utilizes our existing vaults as the foundation. This protocol will allow users to take out zero-interest loans using their collateral as security. In return, lenders will be paid by deploying the collateral in Unison vaults, where it can earn yield.

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