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Mummy Finance

Trading & Perps
The GO-TO solution for swapping and perpetual trading

Core Concept of Mummy

Mummy Finance is a swap and perpetual DEX that offers a variety of trading options and high liquidity for a wide range of blue chip crypto assets. The platform represents a new type of decentralized exchange due to the continuous innovation promoted by its developers

Mummy Finance aims to become the solution for all traders who want to keep control of their capital and enjoy the best trading experience on Fantom Opera, with distinctive advantages:

About Fantom Opera

A key benefit of the Fantom Opera blockchain is that it allows app developers to customize their applications. Since it is highly scalable, this network offers very high transaction speeds. In addition to its high scalability, the network offers high levels of security and decentralization. In addition, Fantom’s aBFT consensus makes trading on Fantom Finance fast, cheap, and secure

  • Fast: Lachesis parallelizes transaction processing and minimizes communication overhead within the system to achieve high throughput with almost instant finality

  • Secure: The network is secured via Proof-of-Stake and independent validators across the globe, providing Byzantine Fault Tolerance

  • Cheap: Transactions cost a fraction of a cent
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