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Sci-fi game based on omnichain featuring crypto mining, in-game NFTs and an infinite Metaverse

Core Concept of Tevaera

Teva Games - offers fun fair multi-genre adventure games for web and mobile, incentivizing social connections set in a naturistic world that are exciting with free NFTs for everyone and buy up premium, rare, user-generated progression & cross-NFT characters

On-chain Gaming Infrastructure - which powers Teva Games and is made up of 4 key products: Teva Core, Teva Chain, Teva Dex, and Teva Market

Teva Core the first-ever on-chain multiplayer game framework, is smart and modular for gaming studios

What is Cross NFTs?

Cross-NFT program enables collaboration between our Tevaera ecosystem and NFT & GameFi projects using EVM chains. This allows NFT holders from selected projects to bring their characters into the Tevaera world, where they can play and show off their NFTs, all without the need for bridging or zkSYnc. Simply connect using your EVM wallet address to start using your NFT characters in the Tevaera ecosystem

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