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Platform connecting the world’s data and systems to blockchains

Core Concept Polyhedra

Polyhedra Network is building the next generation of infrastructure for Web3 interoperability by leveraging advanced zero-knowledge proof (ZKP) technology, a fundamental cryptographic primitive that guarantees the validity of data and computations while maintaining data confidentiality. The Polyhedra Network team designed and developed Polyhedra zkLightClient technology, a cutting-edge solution built on LayerZero Protocol, providing secure and efficient cross-chain infrastructures for Layer-1 and Layer-2 interoperability

Integration of zero-knowledge proof technology will enhance security, performance, and cost-efficiency for cross-chain interoperability on all chains supported by LayerZero

Integrating zkLightClient technology into LayerZero:

  • Polyhedra's zkLightClient technology is fully integrated with LayerZero's messaging protocol, so application developers can use zero-knowledge-proof technology without barriers. Developers can easily build cross-chain applications on top of LayerZero through its extensive developer tooling and community support

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