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A multichain digital asset protocol

Core Concept of Holograph

Holograph is a smart contract protocol that enables fungible and non-fungible tokens to move across Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatible blockchains, while maintaining a persistent smart contract address, token ID, and underlying data. In one particular embodiment, an exact bit-to-bit version of a digital assets is passed onto an EVM blockchain and combined with a specific set of rules and restrictions, enabling the asset to beam freely among blockchains, while still maintaining its token attributes. Holograph consists of 14 full time team members.

Why Holograph?

The recent proliferation of execution environments in the form of L1s, sidechains, and rollups has increased access to inexpensive blockspace. As this trend continues, it’s reasonable to assume that there will be as many execution environments as there are tokens and that there will be thousands of them.

However, without a clean way for these environments to interoperate, data and liquidity fragmentation will continue to be an issue, leading to increased development overhead, security risks, network congestion, and higher fees.

Enter Holograph, which provides multichain digital asset infrastructure for the web3 ecosystem. At its core, Holograph enables the deployment of natively multichain digital assets, which are assets that exist as single instances across multiple execution environments.

Holograph’s mission is to power digital asset composability across all execution environments.

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