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The first full-featured DEX for the Move ecosystem

Core Concept of Starswap

Starswap is the first full-featured DEX for the Move ecosystem, started in 2021. Running on Starcoin & Aptos. Security and stability of assets. Fast txs and low fees.

Starswap was developed by Elements Studio team. It has good features of asset security, fast trading speed, low trading cost, and advanced decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) management. Therefore, Starswap is being popular in the community of blockchains and attracts many attentions around the world.

Starswap creates automated markets for pairs of tokens called pools which enable users to exchange one asset for the other directly on-chain. Pools maintain balances of both assets, to which users can provide liquidity in exchange for reward-bearing LP tokens. A more detailed explanation about LP tokens and their relationship with Starswap can be found in the Starswap docs.

How LayerZero related?

The Starswap Aptos network has launched the first stablecoin USDC сurrently selects USDC token from LayerZero Bridge, which is available for interoperability with USDC from other DEX on the Aptos chain.

Starswap features:

  • Swapping Tokens
  • Providing Liquidity
  • Yield Farming
  • Staking Tokens, veSTAR and Boosting
  • Bridge to Starcoin

Starswap is deployed on the Starcoin, which is highly secure and reliable by using the PoW consensus mechanism to build a two-layer network ecosystem for the on-chain governance, and adopting the extremely secure MOVE smart contract language.

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