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Sidius Heroes

Sci-fi game based on omnichain featuring crypto mining, in-game NFTs and an infinite Metaverse

Core Concept of Sidius Heroes

In progress

Why LayerZero?

All Game-Fi will face a problem of consensus and efficiency. NFT on Ethereum is the most popular, but GAS fees are expensive and inefficient, which very much affects the gaming experience and is not suitable for ordinary gamers, other public chains have low Gas and fast speed, but lack NFT collectors.

Melaxy's main assets will be deployed on the Ethereum chain, while the game will be deployed on other public chains through LayerZero technology. It can meet the demand of NFT collectors on Ether, but also lower the barrier, improve efficiency and optimize the gaming experience for regular players.

Each planet can be considered a relatively independent metaverse. The planet has a fixed number of land slots, and each of these slots is a unique asset that can be rented or traded. Players can build their own planets in any style they like, and attract users with a Melaxy ID pass to live on the planet. The more users who explore and live on your planet the higher the rewards for the planet or land slot owner!

Exploring, socializing, trading, producing, collecting, building, operating, and fighting make up the core gameplay functions that a real meta-universe should have.

Melaxy is a meta-universe also involving Game-Fi and a real-world where people of all shapes and sizes can find their value!

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