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Onchain Reputation Protocol

Core Concept of Nomis

Nomis is a Reputation Protocol that leverages users' onchain activity to assign Reputation Scores to their wallets. In essence, it serves as the Layer for Web3 Personalization, enabling users to create, develop and leverage their onchain reputation much like they do with their IRL reputation. Imagine a future Internet where decentralization is not only a feature, but where dApps and Protocols deliver personalized and meaningful experiences based on your onchain identity

The Nomis Protocol's core primitive is the Nomis Score. Our scoring system functions as a decentralized identity and reputation indexer for blockchain addresses, a concept that has been unexplored until now. This system is not just a technological advancement; it's a transformative approach to how online reputations are managed. We believe in shifting the control of reputations back into the hands of the users, promoting decentralization and transparency

What Issues Nomis Solves

Key features:

  • Enables onchain reputation-driven personalization—the first iteration of a targeting infrastructure for web3.

  • Helps web3 products and communities better find, attract, segment, and engage their target audiences; helps users to build, manage and leverage their onchain reputation

  • Unlocks brand new powerful use cases for the core crypto verticals

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