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Multichain on BNB Chain, ETH & Aptos

Core Concept of Tsunami

TsunamiX offers a pooled LP token (TLP) that minimizes risk from impermanent loss through diversification of blue chip cryptos and stablecoins, while maximizing rewards by generating leveraged trading fees on top of swap fees

TsunamiX provides a way to trade with 0% price impact, known exit liquidity, low funding fees, a low spread, and collateral that grows in value over time

TsunamiX Seasons offers incentives for loyal and active traders, based on tokens and NFTs offered by TsunamiX.

With TsunamiX, LPs

With TsunamiX, LPs can earn passive real yield with less risk than typical 2-pool AMMs. At the same time, leveraged trading is the crypto product that has historically been able to generate significantly more fees over time than AMM alternatives

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