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NFT Omniliquidity Aggregation Protocol

Core Concept of Allspark

Allspark is the first NFT omniliquidity aggregation protocol. With Allspark, traders can purchase NFTs from all chains in one, without new wallets and gas tokens. Allspark will provide integration plugins, APIs and SDK to bring multi-chain collection support and cross-chain data aggregation tools.

The omniliquidity aggregation protocol for NFTs allows users to discover and capture trading opportunities in one front-end across all chains without repeated switching different chains. The excellent effect is that Allspark does not eliminate the chain switching action for users, but allows users to focus only on trading without worrying about a series of complex processes. Allspark makes trading easier.

Allspark protocol is not a marketplace, so it does not compete with the existing NFT Marketplaces. On the contrary, as the underlying liquidity engine, Allspark protocol first takes the liquidity of each Layer 1 with omnichainization, and then provides access API to every NFT Marketplace on each Layer 1.


Trantor is a sub-protocol serving Allspark, which will promote the development of omniliquidity for NFTs from the following two aspects:

– Cross-chain transmission for NFTs;

– Omnichain NFT (OFT) launchpad.

In addition, Trantor is the predecessor of the Allspark brand. After upbranding, it was officially renamed Allspark.

A way for Trantor to realize the omnichainization of NFT liquidity is to endow omnichain assets for NFTs. To eliminate the friction of NFT transmission between multiple Layer 1, make it more accessible to omnichains.