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Omni X

The first natively omnichain NFT platform powered by LayerZero and Stargate

Core Concept of Omni X

Omni X is the first natively omnichain NFT platform. Beyond a simple marketplace, Omni X connects communities, creators, and enthusiasts on a level never before seen. Omni X provides tools for creating ONFT collections, bridging regular NFTs to ONFTs and grants access to unparalleled liquidity that allows users to buy and sell NFTs from any blockchain to any other blockchain.


The main difference between omnichain NFTs (ONFTs) and traditional NFTs is their ability to be used on multiple blockchain platforms. Traditional NFTs are usually limited to a single blockchain, which can restrict their use and accessibility. ONFTs, on the other hand, can be used on any network that supports them, which allows for greater flexibility and reach.

There are several advantages to using ONFTs. First, they allow for greater interoperability between different blockchain networks, which can be particularly useful for creators and collectors who want to access a greater range of platforms and audiences. Second, they can help overcome network congestion, which can occur when a single blockchain is heavily used and becomes slow or expensive to use. Similar to protecting from high gas fees, ONFTs also allow to hedge against a single blockchain failing or censorship transactions.

By using ONFTs, users can take advantage of the faster and cheaper transaction speeds of other blockchain networks without worrying about a single network's limitations.

Overall, omnichain NFTs offer several benefits and advantages over traditional NFTs, including greater interoperability, flexibility, and liquidity. As the technology and infrastructure for omnichain NFTs continue to mature and evolve, we will see more widespread adoption and use of these exciting new category of digital collectibles.

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