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Omnichain Synthetics - Slippage Free, Unchained Liquidity

Core Concept of SYNTHR

SYNTHR is a synthetic asset protocol that enables users to mint and trade on-chain derivatives of various financial assets using trustless financial contracts. It uses novel systems for collateral man- agement, risk mitigation, price stability, cross-chain interoperability, and composability.

Two critical aspects of the decentralized ecosystem have made it possible to implement the protocol’s framework. The first is the advent of efficient oracle networks, which provide tamper- proof inputs, outputs, and computations to support advanced smart contracts. The second is the evolution of on-chain debt management principles to maintain protocol solvency and liquidity.

Decentralized Finance, or DeFi, has ushered in a new era in broad use cases for cryptocurrency. SYNTHR aims to build on existing DeFi products to make financial assets more accessible through the creation of synthetic assets, Delta-Neutral Vaults, Hedge Pools, and derivatives.

SYNTHR believe in trustless accessibility to financial assets on a global scale. Traders will be able to trade any syAsset 24/7 with the aim of disrupting centralized intermediaries that hinder the retail trader’s trading experience due to inefficient payment flows, order books, and custodianship.

SYNTHR’s Solution: Synthetic Asset Tokenization

Synthetic assets are on-chain derivatives that are like traditional derivatives, which track the price of certain underlying assets while acting like Money-Legos. Users can mint synthetic assets by providing on-chain collateral. This enables users to get price exposure to the underlying asset without having any ownership over it.

Why Synthetic Assets?

  • Synthetic assets are decentralized; therefore, they are not regulated by any government or regulatory body. This ensures an open and full-access trading channel without the need for lengthy KYC disclosures.
  • Synthetic assets are tokenized, which allows fractional ownership, resulting in a larger investor base due to virtually no barrier to entry in terms of capital requirement.
  • No involvement of 3rd party intermediaries, thereby eliminating the need for expensive and inefficient custodian brokers.
  • Access to 24/7 borderless trading.

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