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Omni Elements

Experimenting with cc0 and omnichain interoperability

Core Concept of Omni Elements

Omni Elements - a creative omnichain NFT collection designed to reward Greg holders and help reach the broader Omni X community and NFT ecosystem. With a range of unique utilities, Omni Elements aims to expand reach, strengthen the community, and provide exclusive incentives and opportunities for its holders.

How can Omni Elements benefit Greg holders and the entire Omni X ecosystem?

Omni Elements: Giving Gregs an Omni X PFP Identity
Omni Elements offers a fun and dynamic ONFT collection that Greg holders can use to represent themselves across various platforms. Omni Elements aim to grow and diversify the Omni X community.

Combining Forces: Unlock Additional Boosts with Omni Elements and Greg Holdings
By holding and not listing both of these assets, users can unlock an additional boost to rewards during the incentivized Open Beta and Mainnet phases.

Mainnet: Amplify Your Earnings
When the Omni X Mainnet goes live, the rewards for those holding both Omni Elements and Gregs continue to grow.

Exclusive Access to the Incentivized Omni X Open Beta
Omni Elements holders will have exclusive access, with Gregs, to the incentivized Omni X Open Beta, where they can earn $OMNI allocations for testing the platform.

Off-Chain Staking System with Exclusive Benefits
Omni Elements holders can take advantage of an off-chain staking system, in collaboration with Omni X partners at the Elysium protocol, by earning points for holding their NFTs and not listing them for sale.

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