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Carbon Browser

Fastest Web 3 Browser

What is Carbon Browser

Carbon Browser is a fast, private, and secure web browser designed for Web3. Leveraging a custom fork of the Chromium web browser and the robust Blink engine, Carbon ensures a smooth, user-friendly, and convenient browsing experience. It aims to deliver a comprehensive and secure Web3 experience with features like multi-chain crypto wallet, blockchain bridge, VPN, and AdBlock

How Carbon Browser

Current heavyweights like Chrome and Safari, while widely used, fail in delivering a privacy-focused experience. Privacy concerns, coupled with the lack of support features for Web3, in existing browsers prompted the development of Carbon. Rooted in the principles of speed, privacy, and innovation, Carbon offers a suite of products that go beyond the ordinary, catering to the diverse needs of modern internet users

Carbon Browser claims to have 7,030,109 downloads to date with 61,799 daily active users

Main advantages over competitors

  • Multi-Chain — Carbon is a multichain web3 browser use your favorite dApps directly in the browser
  • Non-Custodial — Carbon is non-custodial. It gives users complete control over their funds and private keys
  • Private — Carbon is 100% private and comes with a built-in decentralized VPN
  • Fast — Carbon is the fastest web3 browser 3x faster than other browsers
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