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Gravita Protocol

An $ETH-centric Borrowing Protocol for LSTs

Core Concept of Gravita

Gravita Protocol is a decentralised borrowing protocol built on Ethereum that provides users with interest-free loans secured by both Liquid Staking Tokens (LST) and a Stability Pool (SP). Loans are issued in the form of minting GRAI, a token with similar volatility dampening mechanism as LUSD, and can be up to 90% of the value of a user's collateral (99% in the case of bLUSD)

Borrowers mint GRAI against the value of their collateral. It can then be used in various ways - swapping for other assets, or earning income by providing liquidity or participating in the stability pool

What are the key benefits of Gravita?

  • Gravita not only provides users with interest-free loans, but also helps to improve decentralization by supporting multiple LSTs as collateral, allowing users to borrow against a variety of assets while maintaining separate positions for each

  • This approach promotes diversity in the crypto ecosystem and supports the growth of high-quality minority LSTs

  • Additionally, Gravita is non-custodial, programmatic and transparent, upholding the ideals of decentralized finance

  • This means that Gravita does not take a cut of the yield generated by your LSTs, bLUSD or LP positions. Our fees are paid upfront and in a transparent way, clearly visible from the UI

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