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Abracadabra money

Borrow, Leverage or Earn Yield

Core Concept of Abracadabra Money is a Omnichain DeFi lending platform that works its magic by utilizing interest-bearing tokens as collateral to mint Magic Internet Money, a USD-Denominated stablecoin

A lot of assets today are interest-bearing, Abracadabra unlocks the capital of these assets allowing users to take out USD-denominated loans while the collateral keeps earning yield. Abracadabra also offers staking strategies allowing non-yielding assets to start earning yield in a very simple and efficient way

Key moments:

  • Abracadabra.Money is a lending protocol that lets users deposit interest-bearing assets to mint a multi-chain stablecoin called Magic Internet Money

  • Its lending engine allows for leveraged yield farming by unlocking stranded capital to turn what would've otherwise been illiquid assets liquid

  • The fully-collateralized and decentralized stablecoin MIM can be found on all decentralized exchanges across all blockchains

  • Few protocols allow you to borrow tokens while earning interest on your collateral, and Abracadabra is one of them

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