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Star Protocol

Building social network aggregator and omnichain name services

Core Concept of Star Protocol

Star Protocol creates the first on-chain identity aggregation protocol in the Internet world. Star has two main objectives, building an open universe for the users to connect to each other, whilst encouraging their creativity to illuminate brightly in the era of Web3.

Inspired by pioneers such as Loot, ENS, and 1inch, the platform provides a hub for multi-chain Web3 protocols that enable on-chain Web3 features over traditional social media platforms, bridging all Web2 social platforms and Web3 applications.

Star Protocol supports 3 domain services:

  • Star Name Service(SNS)
  • Optimism Name Service (OPNS)
  • zkSync Name Service (zkNS/

Star Name Service allows over 5 billion users to gain access to blockchain assets and enter the world of Web3 with no learning curve, which can make it easier for them to use applications of NFT, DeFi, SocialFi, DAO, and Metaverse.

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