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Phuture Finance

On-chain index funds and structured products

Core Concept of Phuture

Phuture is a decentralised protocol that gives users passive exposure to crypto assets. With leading index products built on Ethereum and Avalanche, Phuture is at the forefront of innovation in crypto passive investing. Phuture has a global team and community to support and grow its mission.

Their asset management protocol manages capital through smart contracts to implement different investment strategies. This technology is used to powerindex funds and structured products. Each index or structure product is managed within a vault, where the underlying assets are held. The vault enables rebalancing between assets, and can also utilise additional strategies to improve returns and influence the index’s risk profile.


Benefits of index funds and how they can help overcome problems (Drastic volatility, Gas fees, Time required for due diligence and research, Maximise capital efficiency, Capturing yield from tokens):

Passive exposure:
Passive investments build wealth over time, but executing these strategies can be demanding. Our structured DeFi products simplify exposure to crypto.
The only yield-generating indices:
Phuture’s index products provide complete exposure to sectors and generate yield on the underlying assets
Maximise capital efficiency:
All entries, exits and rebalancing events are powered by enterprise-grade trade execution, ensuring maximum value from user funds.
Access your capital, anytime:
All our products are on-chain, and our code stack is transparent. Users can always access their funds, no matter the market conditions.
Streamline portfolio management:
Phuture rebalances index funds and operates tenors. No extra costs or further actions required. Set the strategy and forget.
Secure and audited:
Our smart contracts have gone through multiple security audits, conducted by the most credible auditors in the market.

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