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AI-Optimized Yield and Liquidity Strategies

Core Concept of Mozaic

Mozaic is a community founded project, bootstrapped by a small team with the goal of bringing AI into the hands of everyday users. Mozaic provides automatic yield farming using AI and LayerZero technology.

Mozaic's AI is dubbed Archimedes. Archimedes has one objective:
To save users time and maximize their profitability. 
He does this by removing the indecisions involved with yield farming as he compounds and rebalances assets to the highest APY pools every hour.


Archimedes intelligently and holistically considers APY and predictive APY metrics, token prices, fees, slippage, time, TVL and error rates in all its decisions. This processing is computed off-chain to ensure it is cost effective, efficient and reliable - only the results are published and implemented on chain to ensure the decisions of Archimedes cannot be imitated

Mozaic will use Zero Knowledge Proofs to prove that the off-chain data from Archimedes is indeed true and not being manipulated by the Mozaic team.

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