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Building Omnichain Name Service for 1,000,000,000 Users

Core Concept of OpenName

OpenName is an Omnichain Name Service built for millions of Web3 users, which has supported Seamlessly Cross-chain names transfer by utilizing LayerZero and has supported Custom Suffixes for communities

Features of OpenName

  • Omni-chain Name Service: OpenName supports mainstream chains such as Ethereum, OP Mainnet, Base, Arbitrum, zkSync, BNB Chain, Polygon, and more in the future.
  • Seamlessly Cross-chain: We support seamless name transfer across multiple chains, and users have complete control over their domain names on each chain.
  • Custom Suffixes: Communities can create custom TLDs on multiple chains instantly and most of the income belongs to the owner
  • Affordable Registration Fee: OpenName adheres to the principle of affordability, as low as $0.99/year.custom
  • Register domain names with any number of characters: OpenName allows users to register domain names with any number of characters, according to their preferences
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