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Magic Eden

The best place to discover, buy, and trade your favorite digital collectibles

What is Magic Eden?

Magic Eden is an NFT Marketplace and launchpad. Magic Eden was initially built as an NFT marketplace for the Solana ecosystem but has developed and supported Ethereum-based NFTs since then. Magic Eden currently has over 22M+ monthly active users, with over 1.9 billion dollars in trading volume, and is home to more than 8000 NFT collections

Their new tool is called Open Creator Protocol (OCP). It works on a similar principle. OSR will allow NFT creators to block marketplaces that do not charge license fees. The protocol will automatically blacklist such a platform and it will not be able to offer a purchased NFT for resale.

Key features

  • Popular Collections

  • Launchpad Drops

  • Whitelist Opportunities

  • you can set a Bid for an NFT

  • Flexible payment methods

  • Benefits for creators marketplaces and traders

  • Other LayerZero Projects