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Rollup-as-a-Service Platform

Core Concept of Gelato

Gelato Network is a blockchain-based smart contract Automation Protocol on Ethereum, Polygon, Fantom, Binance Smart Chain, Avalanche and Arbitrum. The protocol provides a decentralized network of bots allowing developers to automate arbitrary smart contracts without having to build their own bot systems. Gelato Network acts as a non-custodial marketplace which pairs developers with Executors who run bots

technology is crucial to the daily operations in web3. The industry would not be operating in its current form without the Gelato integrations that you unknowingly use nearly every single day

Top web3 projects depend on Gelato to facilitate the execution of millions of transactions throughout DeFi, NFT, and gaming ecosystems. So if you’ve ever used AAVE, Sushiswap, Abracadabra, MakerDAO, and Beefy Finance (to name but a few), you’ve unknowingly interacted with Gelato’s tech!

Key feature of Gelato:

  • A key feature of Gelato is its decentralized architecture, which is built upon a network of node operators responsible for running its services. The elimination of centralized points of failure is a crucial aspect to its architecture, offering advantages in terms of security, trust, and overall system robustness.

  • Likewise, Gelato’s architecture removes any centralized points of failure. The distributed approach guarantees that no single entity can shut down a project, with the network better equipped to withstand attacks, manipulations, or shutdowns. Users can be confident that Gelato’s services are not controlled by a single entity and that transactions remain secure and unbiased

  • One of the primary benefits of having multiple node operators is to create redundancy within the system. This ensures that if one node goes down or encounters a problem, other nodes can seamlessly take over its tasks. A distributed node network mitigates risks, ensuring a higher level of uptime even in the face of unexpected disruptions or outages

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