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The largest multichain NFT marketplace

Core Concept of TofuNFT

SCV.Finance, and deployed on multiple blockchains. Omnichain NFT is fully new formatted NFT supported by LayerZero which is a messaging transport layer designed to allow smart contracts to easily communicate. “Interoperability” actually works.

What’s New about omnichain NFT?

Please imagine that users want to sell their NFTs on any other chains. Currently , they need to transfer L1 ETH to arbitrum or they need transfer NFT via cross chain bridge. About the procedure, it requires more than 10 clicks and approvals, which is a huge pain for the users and it is very confusing.

The solutions are , Omnichain supported by LayerZero technology. It is the huge jump of the user experience and it makes you to understand what happens with the omnichain NFTs in the future.

Tofu will provide the new feature and aim to be the true Omnichain NFT exchange on top of LayerZero. In that, every user can use every chain liquidity and pay with every native currency. The liquidity of NFT is aggregated automatically and users won’t need to be conscious about the cross chain bridging their assets.

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