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The Omnichain Money Market

Core Concept of Tapioca

TapiocaDAO is a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) building the first-ever omnichain money market across 15+ EVM & non-EVM networks.

Omnichain composability allows Tapioca's users to lend, leverage up, and borrow assets across chains, greatly reducing the friction of currently siloed liquidity to offer an important building block in the omnichain future of DeFi. Omnichain functionality also offers users a wider range of lending and borrowing opportunities and thus higher real yields on these assets, regardless of the network that the user's assets are currently on.

USDØ is the first decentralized & non-algorithmic over-collateralized US dollar-pegged stablecoin to conquer the stablecoin trilemma of price stability, censorship resistance, and composability. Current stablecoins are little more than unconnected money akin to store credits due to their lack of secure and trustless cross-chain transportation. By utilizing the LayerZero Omnichain Fungible Token super-standard, usd0 can be seamlessly transported across many chains without a bridge, slippage, wait times, or fees.

The decentralized liquidity layer powers a completely open financial ecosystem and empowers DeFi users on dozens of networks. To meet this goal, Tapioca utilizes the LayerZero generalized messaging network as its infrastructure. LayerZero offers seamless interoperability and composability across dozens of disparate networks without relying on chronically exploited intermediaries that introduce shared risk to all applications built atop them. This architecture allows users to benefit from unparalleled capital efficiency through liquidity defragmentation while also streamlining the currently disjointed DeFi user experience.

Time Weighted Average Magnitude Lock

Time Weighted Escrowing, and Average Magnitude Lock, colloquially together known as twAML is a system for promoting sustainable economic growth while maintaining economic alignment. It is utilized in Tapioca's DSO (DAO Share Options Incentive Program), and in twTAP, creating a democratized governance system and fee-sharing mechanism. twAML is a system employed by Tapioca to amplify the effect of positive economic growth and flatten its decay, users naturally steer AML to its optimal level which maximizes the allocative efficiency of Tapioca's twTAP and oTAP.

twAML's mechanisms were carefully crafted with game theory, being conceptualized from Rubinstein's Bargaining Model.

  • Sustainable Method to Stimulate Economic Growth

  • Near Positive Cost/Benefit of Economic Stimulus

  • Promote & Reward Loyalty

  • Create Protocol Owned Liquidity (POL)

  • Dynamic Response to Economic Activity

Welcome to the first secure, sustainable, real-yield providing, and seamlessly interconnected omnichain money market.

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