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Bored Town

No roadmap, no utility, just art

Core Concept of Bored Town

Bored Town is a collection of 5555 Bored Town Monsters living on the Optimism blockchain. Holders can use Bored Monsters they’re holding for personal or commercial purposes without my permission, they can create whatever they put their mind to, both for personal and commercial purposes.

Team established this project with no roadmap, no utility, "only ART FOR THE ART’S SAKE". They want Bored Town to be a community-driven project that let the community suggest what they want to see in the future. 10% of the creator’s royalties will be donated to the community’s wallet address “boredtown.eth” for the public good, then let the community vote on how they want to use it.

sorryvrerror (aka Bored Town Master), is the only artist and co-founder. He is the creator of the Faceless Portraits collection on OpenSea.

The project was started by an art lover who has no background in the Web3 technology. No dev no VC behind, so they just developed this project for fun to learn about Web3 and to create a friendly community for Web3 newbies, especially on layer 2.

Bored Town launched almost 20 free mint collections on Optimism, Arbitrum One, Arbitrum Nova, Solana, zkSync testnet, and 1 paid mint collection on the Aptos chain. Around 20% of the income from Aptos ABC has been used for $OSEA rewards, 30% has been used to pay the team that worked without payment for 6 months, and 10% has been used to sweep the floor of Aptos ABC and Xmas ABC. The rest still be kept in treasury wallet for community expenses.

Bored Town have been learning and experimenting with many tools to create own way to reward holders. Eventually, Bored Town created its own roadmap for 2023:

- NFT Utopia + NFT Consulting + Creator Studio
Community is going to provide an NFT Utopia, a safe & creative space for those who want to take part in Web3. They're going to run an NFT consulting service and Creator Studio under The Bored Studio.

- Holders' benefit
Holders will be whitelisted for the project under consulting, earn from the profit generated from The Bored Studio, and have early access to the new dapps & blockchain.

- Plan for 2023

  • Q1/2023: Establish The Bored Studio. Develop Mint-to-Earn, List-to-Earn, and Trade-to-Earn mechanism
  • Q2/2023: Launch the dynamic NFT studio
  • Q3/2023: Launch the Bored Town 2D interaction map and the Bored Town citizen ID
  • Q4/2023: Launch the Hold-to-Earn mechanism

Bored Town plan to be a sustainable NFT community that generates long-term benefits for holders. They would like to see an NFT Utopia where people grow together by supporting each other, as well as being kind and respectful.

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