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Core Concept of Sushi

SushiXSwap is one of the first ever cross-chain AMMs (Automated Market Makers), enabling users to execute token swaps across chains without any hassle, lockup period or extra fees. It leverages LayerZero's Stargate protocol to quickly and effectively move your assets to where they need to go.

The secret to the ease and convenience of SushiXSwap is in how it sources liquidity; in a traditional cross-chain swap, attempting to locate deep enough liquidity on both sides of a trade was the biggest pain point. It stifled trade and made for a shoddy user experience. SushiXSwap, however, uses own liquidity pools on each chain in the cross-chain transaction, enabling users to always receive the best price for any pair.

Sushi’s swap routing finds the cheapest, fastest and most secure route for any user to get from point A to point B by plugging into Layer0’s Stargate bridge infrastructure. Stargate bridges chains securely without compromising on decentralization, which allows SushiXSwap to scale to any number of chains in the future.

"To further ensure we can always find the cheapest route and best price between any two tokens on all chains, we will continue to aggregate more bridges in the future. By building SushiXSwap in a modular, composable way, we will simplify the integration of your favorite bridge into our aggregator interface".

SushiXSwap was integrated directly into UI, simply adding the power of cross-chain swaps on top of it, while changing nothing else about the underlying contracts or infrastructure.

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