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Aptos Bridge

Aptos the only non-EVM blockchain supported by LayerZero

Core Concept of AptosBridge

Aptos the only non-EVM blockchain supported by LayerZero, this also showcase Aptos-native projects and ecosystem The integration of these decentralized apps via LayerZero contributes to a more interconnected, efficient, and innovative DeFi future on Aptos

Key Features

  • Aptos Bridge facilitates smooth communication between blockchain networks, dismantling barriers and fostering seamless collaboration

  • Security and Efficiency: The protocol ensures security and efficiency by employing immutable on-chain endpoints, a configurable Security Stack, and permissionless Executors. This combination enhances the robustness of the system

  • While bridging into Aptos is free, the StargateDAO has placed a 7bps fee on transactions leaving Aptos

  • very fast transactions

  • Supported Blockchains: Aptos Bridge boasts broad compatibility, supporting various blockchains

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