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Trader Joe

One-stop decentralized trading

Core Concept of Trader Joe

Trader Joe builds on the frontier of Decentralised Finance, continuously innovating to offer a truly unique trading experience that feels seamless and accessible, whether you are new to DeFi or a well versed veteran, the Trader Joe platform is a place you can call your home.

What can you do on the Trader Joe platform?

  • Trade: Discover DeFi and Trade with fast Transaction speeds and cheap trading fees thanks to the Technology of the Avalanche Blockchain
  • Pool & Farm: Deposit your Tokens into Liquidity Pools and Farms to earn Trading Fees and Bonus Rewards
  • Stake: Stake your JOE Tokens with our modular staking system to unlock utility and more
  • Lend: Visit Banker Joe to lend or borrow your Tokens to earn Interest
  • Launch: Visit Rocket Joe to participate in exclusive launch events for newly launched Tokens
  • Shop: Visit the Joepegs Marketplace and buy or sell digital assets (NFTs)


Joe V2 is a decentralized exchange based on Liquidity Book, a novel AMM protocol.

It has the following improvements from the Joe V1 Dex:

Liquidity Book vs Uniswap V3

Both Liquidity Book and Uniswap V3 are concentrated liquidity AMMs with some subtle differences:

  • Price ranges are discretized into bins instead of ticks;
  • Bin steps (or tick sizes) can be more than 1 basis point;
  • Bins use constant sum invariant instead of constant product;
  • Liquidity is aggregated vertically instead of horizontally;
  • Liquidity positions are fungible;
  • Liquidity positions are not restricted to uniform distribution across its price range, they can be distributed in any shape desired;
  • Swap fees have fixed + variable pricing, which allows the AMM to charge more fees when market experiences high volatility.

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