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Platform connecting the world’s data and systems to blockchains

Core Concept of ZkLink

zkLink is a protocol that provides a decentralized and privacy-preserving way for users to interact with blockchain networks. The protocol is built on top of the ZK-rollup technology, which allows for high scalability and low transaction fees


zkLink Protocol stands out as a unique multi-chain ZK-rollup Infrastructure, comprising four distinct layers: the settlement layer, the execution layer, the sequencing layer, and the DA (Data Availability) layer. These layers are designed to be decoupled, allowing for flexible and customizable app rollup deployment. The protocol's most innovative aspects are primarily found in its execution and settlement layer solutions.

  • Settlement Layer - Reinventing Transaction Settlement

  • Execution Layer - Customizable Transaction Processing

  • Sequencing Layer - Orchestrating Transactions

  • DA Layer - Ensuring Data Availability

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