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Bridge NFTs to various networks via LayerZero and zkSync

Why Merkly?

Merkly is a multifunctional Omnichain platform, designed to simplify bridging via groundbreaking interoperability technology. At Merkly, we strongly believe that an Omnichain future is inevitable. LayerZero-centered tools and quality-of-life features are our top priority, with plans to expand into chain-specific solutions (zkSync, Linea, Scroll, and others) — all unified within one Super-App


  • LayerZero: Omnichain Fungible & Non-Fungible [OFT & ONFT] Bridge across +40 Chains:

  • LayerZero Refuel: Get Gas Tokens on +40 Chains (and avoid CEXs)

  • Polyhedra: zkLightClient [zkONFT] Bridge, zkRefuel

  • Wormhole: Token & NFT Bridge

  • Hyperlane: Modular NFT Bridge

  • LayerZero & zkSync Checker: Discover over 100 Contracts and 50 dApps

  • Other LayerZero Projects