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USDC Bridge

Multichain on Arbitrum'е,Ethereum,Cosmos & Avalanche

Core Concept of USDC Bridge

The Omnichain Fungible Token Standard (OFT) is built on top of LayerZero's innovative omnichain messaging infrastructure, which allows fungible tokens to be securely transferred across chains, without the need for asset wrapping, middlechains, or liquidity pools. This allows the tokens to remain in their native form, and the balances modified seamlessly across other networks. OFT's are issued by 1st part contracts, and allow for dApps to integrate easily with them.

Key features Bridged USDC

  • Anyone can apply the standard to deploy the USDC bridge contract, including the new L1 and L2 rollup teams and chain-sponsored third-party bridge developers
  • Standardized and scalable: The secure transfer of ownership of a USDC token bridge contract to Circle follows a predefined procedure. This procedure can be extended to bridge contracts as well, providing flexibility and scalability
  • Security and Audit: The standard is based on the code of the open source ERC-20 contract and relies on the same proven USDC smart contract that has protected billions of dollars of liquidity