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omnichain platform metaverse game

Core Concept of GMATRIXS

Gmatrixs is GameFi’s first omni-chain publishing platform. Gmatrixs has independently developed middleware, SDK, stand-alone chain, marketplace & launchpad provide the infrastructure for the future of gaming.

The Gmatrixs platform is an all-in-one solution that enables traditional game developers to move seamlessly into decentralized game development. By combining one touch SDK access functions, with stand-alone chain access services and a publishing platform, Gmatrixs significantly reduces the technical difficulty faced during the development and ongoing management of blockchain games, enabling game developers all over the world to accelerate their transition into decentralized game development.

They are building the infrastructure for the future of gaming, similar to Steam in the future with a powerful traffic pool of assets and decentralized authentication.

GMatrixs Core Features

  • Super-functional SDK supports cross-platform services,custom development,perfectly docked H5 & native system.
  • A seamless multi-chain experience helps games to detect, connect to and quickly switch between chains.
  • Easy for players to connect to the multi-chain wallet for a better user experience through in-game transactions, cost, rent, and trade NFT for all assets in the game development environment.
  • One-click scaling of any blockchain with DTX zk-SNARKs, strong security performance, while ensuring low gas fee.
  • Modular and customizable sub-chains for infinite scalability.
  • The Spatial Web compatible API designed to be compatible with EVM/WASM applications, advanced eco-developer tools, and a Web2-Web3 transition portal for developers and users, facilitating GameFi to quickly access the GMatrixs decentralized platform.

GStar Service

GStar is an accelerator leads the explosive growth of GameFi projects. It provides all the key resources needed for the development of GameFi projects, significantly shortens the development cycle, and supports the success of GameFi projects through systematic services, including professional consultants, community building, technology enhancement, and business resources development.

Application: One-stop Launchpad, Cross-chain Bridge, Decentralized Exchange, NFT trading Platform, Multi-chain wallet, Game Logger.

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