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LEVEL Finance

Trading & Perps
The Omnichain Perpetual DEX

Core Concept of LEVEL finance

LEVEL is an omnichain, decentralized and non-custodial perpetual exchange, with a focus on providing clear risk management solutions for liquidity providers (LPs). LEVEL is built from the ground up with an original codebase from entrepreneurs and contributors with over a decade of experience in the space

LEVEL services the entire spectrum of market participants:

  • Traders who are looking to directionally position themselves or delta hedge their portfolio

  • LPs seeking to earn a passive yield on their assets

  • Potential shareholders with the desire to steer the future direction and own the treasury backing it through governance

  • What Solutions Does LEVEL Provide to Existing Problems?

  • Transparency

  • Self-custody

  • Elimination of intermediaries

  • Simple user interface

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