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An omnichain asset transport protocol that allows oassets to be transferred between chains

Core Concept of Trantor

Based on pure mathematical algorithm, Trantor is an inter-chain NFT message infrastructure. Any Web3 user can safely use it to bridge their NFT assets in each chain without any validator. Besides, Trantor proposes a fuse mechanism to implement multiple security measures to ensure the safety of assets.

So far, they have been able to support the transmission of native NFT in various EVM chains, including but not limited to BSC, OP, ETH and so on. Next, Trantor is still committed to developing more inter-chain asset message channels. Thus, Trantor is not only a general NFT interoperability protocol, but also an important part of communication in the web3 ecosystem.

Cross-chain for NFTs

With the development of Web3, many NFT brands are currently facing the contradiction between chain performance and project progress. Such as:

  • The NFTs asset in ETH accounts for 80% of all chains, while many blue-chip NFT in ETH are constrained by performance.
  • Gamefi in various chains cannot transmit data, liquidity and assets omnichainedly to broaden their sustainability and asset depth.
  • NFT financialization faces the threat that assets cannot flow in omnichainization, and its potential is blocked.

The cross-chain for NFT assets is deeply in demand and unsatisfied, and the message transfer barriers make all kinds of NFTs become value islands. This demand comes from many parties, such as gamefi, NFT fi, omnichain NFT, blue-chip NFT, etc. There is still no reliable and effective solution to enhance its value in this field.

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