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Non-custodial perpetual exchange

Core Concept of Tradable

Tradable is a non-custodial perpetual exchange that is developing the most accessible and robust onboarding system for the internet while focusing on building a creator ecosystem for traders.

With access to assets from any blockchain, Tradable allows users to trade without the complexities of bridging from one chain to the other, trade on-demand low-cap coins, and access over $35Bn+ of stablecoin liquidity across all major blockchains. With deep un-fragmented liquidity, Tradable creates the on-chain liquidity base for traders.

Tradable also focus on shared trade experiences where traders could share trades privately among peers, co-trade with each other, and access other reimagined features we'd explain in this document.

Tradable Ecosystem

The #Tradable has some interesting user-oriented features:

  1. Intuitive UI/Onboarding
  2. Shared Trades
  3. Unfragmented Liquidity Access
  4. Perp Trading on Long-tail assets

With 7,840 onboarding attempts across 765 distributed people, the onboarding experience for tradable evolved into, by popular opinion, the most accessible app in DeFi. Tradable utilizes LayerZero's cross-chain messaging protocol and a unique onboarding infrastructure built in-house to reduce the onboarding time for tradable, and eventually as we integrate with more people, for the whole ecosystem to less than 30 seconds. We cut down all processes from creating a wallet for non-web3 native users to creating individual Tradable smart contract accounts for native and non-native users and transferring funds from any chain into our platform to tiny timeframes (~45 seconds).

In the same fashion, Tradable's UI shines above the competition with every stroke, curve, or color on the exchange going through multi-stage audits looking at factors like contrast (how much it stands out), suggestibility (how intuitive some parts can be), speed (clutter removal), and appeal (for pro and new traders).

Team use Tradable X, an in-house abstraction layer, and layer zero to bring the deposit cost of depositing funds into our platform from your wallet, an exchange account, or even a different wallet to less than a dollar.

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