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The first decentralizedcredit marketplace

Core Concept of Clearpool

Clearpool is a Decentralized Finance ecosystem incorporating the first-ever permissionless marketplace for unsecured institutional liquidity.

Driven by market forces of supply and demand, Clearpool’s permissionless single-borrower pools enable institutions to raise short-term capital while providing DeFi lenders access to risk-adjusted returns based on interest rates derived by market consensus.

– Permissionless Pools
Lend directly to whitelisted institutions and earn risk-adjusted returns. No lock-up period.

– Permissioned Pools
Institutional-grade marketplace for permissioned wholesale borrowing and lending that is fully KYC/B-compliant to meet the regulatory needs of professional market participants.

– Oracles & Staking
The Clearpool Oracle network, composed of various institutions, votes on parameters that determine the interest rates of permissionless pools.

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